What You Should Know About Dental White Crowns for Kids

Dental white crowns are a great option for saving your child's teeth. They are an easy way to restore the health of your child's teeth and provide them with excellent cosmetic results. They are durable, easy to wear, and also affordable, which means they'll make a big difference in the health of your child's smile. If your child has missing or chipped teeth, white crowns for kids Montgomery treatment would be an ideal option to help prevent future dental damage. Below is what you should know about white crowns for kids before getting one done on your child, including their benefits and long-term effectiveness.

What Are Dental White Crowns?

Dental white crowns are a type of cap that covers the top of your child's teeth. They help protect your child’s teeth from decay and restore their appearance. They can also correct cosmetic dental problems such as crooked teeth.

Dental white crowns come in various shapes and sizes, depending on your need. Some caps have an invisible liner attached to them, allowing easier cleaning than those without.

Can Your Child Get White Crowns?

Dental white crowns are a great option for children who have lost a permanent tooth and need to be replaced. This is because, unlike regular dental veneers, they do not require special care or attention to your child's diet.

White crowns are also preferably recommended by most pediatric dentists today due to their longevity and aesthetic nature. If you are worried about what your child will eat with these kinds of crowns in place, do not fret. They should be fine if they are not eating anything too crunchy or sugary.

How Do White Crowns For Kids Look?

White crowns for kids look like normal teeth, but they are made from porcelain or glass and colored to match the color of their natural teeth. It is also custom-made to fit your child's mouth. The size and shape of a white crown will depend on the size and shape of your child’s natural tooth that needs replacing or repairing. 

How Long Does It Take To Get a Dental White Crown?

The time it takes to get a white crown for your child depends on the dentist. It can take several weeks but might vary based on factors such as tooth damage or decay severity. Also, if complications arise during fitting, or your child does not like the color, it may take longer to complete the procedure. Since every child’s needs differ, ask your doctor how long the procedure might take. 

What Can Your Child Benefit From White Crowns?

Dental white crowns prevent tooth decay and tooth loss. They can also help prevent pain, infection, and sensitivity in your child's teeth. Since they are placed on your child’s natural teeth, they help keep them looking great by preventing tooth discoloration or bad breath.

White crowns also provide better aesthetic options than other types of dental crowns. They also protect your child’s tooth enamel because they are made of biocompatible material. Due to their numerous benefits, they are mostly recommended for children as young as two years.

Knowing your child needs a dental crown can be overwhelming. However, having the option of the most aesthetically natural dental treatment available can put you at ease. With Dental white crowns, your child’s confidence and smile can improve and appear healthy. 

It is wise to consider white crowns for dental treatment if you want to save your child’s injured, damaged, or decayed teeth. Since it is a long procedure that might take several weeks to achieve the desired results, it is best to prepare your child mentally and emotionally. Doing so will help them be at ease before and during each process.

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