What Will Be the Total Cost of Rehab Facility with Insurance Coverage? 

Most health insurance plans cover addiction treatment in their plans. These insurance plans depend on the type of coverage they provide or the duration of the treatment. So, it is better to confirm with your provider and the treatment center for their acceptance before you get enrolled in recovery program. 

Detox to Rehab is one of the best rehabs that take insurance coverage for addiction treatment with PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). If you could consult or contact them, they will be more than happy to help you understand the rehab expenses, how much insurance will cover, and other benefits of having insurance throughout your treatment.

Rehab expense depends on the type of recovery center and the treatment program you choose, whether outpatient or inpatient. If you are uninsured and your treatment program is through a non-profit health organization, there will be zero rehab expenses for you, meaning the whole treatment will be done free of cost.

Some luxury centers are specially made for celebrities and cost very high, usually $80,000 and above per month. The standard cost charged by most treatment centers will be around $2,000 to $25, 000 per month. This may also vary depending on surroundings and the things included in it. 

How much does Insurance Cover for Rehab?

Insurance coverage depends on your plan. However, most insurance companies offer partial coverage for drugs/ alcohol addiction treatment expenses. You or your friend need to meet your insurance agent or check their website to know what services are covered in your plan, how long does it cover, the co-payment cost, and more details.

Recovery is not just detoxing because once your body throws out toxins or impurities, you still need to work with the counselors or professionals at the Detox to Rehab to overcome addiction psychologically. How much insurance covers rehab costs varies, but if any of the plans keep caps on addiction treatment and mental health treatments.

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