What is the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore?

Many acknowledge Fotona technology for its great performance, effectiveness, and proven outcomes, providing its clients with a hair loss treatment that’s pain-free with desired outcomes. The Fotona laser procedure is considered among the most up-to-date laser systems globally that have the ability to address a broad range of health and esthetic issues and problems. The approach has been proven to provide harm-free outcomes that aren't just highly effective but also non-invasive, producing minimal downtime for clients.

What is Hair Restoration Using Fotona Laser?

It is an effective approach that delivers a variety of non-invasive methods without downtime. This outstanding method employs radiation from laser to provide safe, effective, and natural-looking restoration of hair impacts. It’s been proved in medical studies to return the hair's natural growth in a span of few treatments. This breakthrough technology, which puts the wavelengths Er:YAG and Nd:YAG together, is great at reaching even the hair follicle and scalp’s deepest layers to stimulate the natural repairing process. The effects provide enhanced hair growth for subtle yet visible outcomes.

Hair Restoration with Fotona Laser's Advantages:

Fotona hair loss treatment is an innovative Er:YAG treatment that employs regulated, gentle bulk-heating to activate dormant hair follicles. Fotona Hair Regrowth stimulates metabolism and increases blood circulation in the scalp, resulting in hair growth. The therapy is painless and takes about 15-20 minutes. There is no need for anesthetic cream. During therapy, the unique laser hand device is applied to the targeted treatment zone. The technique then works to provide a combined amount of power to the targeted hair follicles deep under the scalp's surface. These personalized wavelengths are delivered with unparalleled safety and time rate, and with little to no discomfort. As an effect, a biological response occurs inside the deeper layers of the scalp. The body's natural collagen production is boosted, which assists in tissue healing. Healthy cell renewal is also encouraged, which helps to repair and replace damaged hair follicles. Following the process, the scalp is replenished with essential nutrients and water to promote natural hair regrowth. The process is both harmless and quick.

The outcomes will differ from customer to client, based on your particular hair regrowth requirements. Many individuals, though, have new hair growth in the initial few months post therapy. 4-6 sessions will be required for the best outcomes.

Side Effects of the Fotona Hair Regrowth Treatment

Within the initial 24 hours following treatment, the treatment area may appear pink. This is common. You may also have swelling or tightness, and the treatment area may become flaky. This normally subsides following a few days of therapy.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Every day, most people lose 100 hairs. Because new hair is growing in at the same time, there is usually no visible thinning of scalp hair. Thinning of hair occurs when the process of hair production and shedding is disturbed, or when your hair follicle is injured and substituted by scar tissue.

Hair Loss Is Often Induced By One Or More Factors Below:

Ancestral history (heredity). Female-pattern baldness is a genetic condition. Male-pattern balding is the leading cause of hair loss. It usually develops gradually and predictably with age – men’s bald spots and receding hairline, and hair loss in women. Changes in hormones and medical problems. Many conditions, including hormonal shifts due to pregnancy, menopause, delivery, and thyroid problems, might lead to short-term or lifelong hair loss. Alopecia areata is a medical disorder that induces spotty hair loss, scalp problems like trichotillomania, and ringworm, a hair-pulling condition.

Medications and nutritional supplements. Certain medicines, such as those taken to treat gout, OA/RA, cancer, heart issues, depression, and abnormal blood pressure, might result in hair loss.

Radiation treatment to the head. Hair might not regrow in the same manner as previously.

An extremely difficult situation. Many individuals notice overall hair loss many months following a physical or mental trauma. This kind of hair loss is just transient.

The Fotona laser hair regrowth treatment is a unique and creative laser technology which will assist you in regaining your confidence by improving blood circulation in the scalp and activating growth factors, leading to increased hair growth.


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