A Guide to Learn About Types of Crossover Toe and Their Treatment

In our day-to-day life, we come across different kind of works, places, and activities. However, there are certain factors that we face frequently, that may cause adverse conditions in our body. For example, different factors lead to loss of stability of the toe position, which ultimately causes conditions like Crossover Toe, overlapping toe, etc.

Looking for a Podiatrist

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Crossover toe and its variants

  • Crossover toe:is a condition of the toe where mostly the second toe turns towards the big toe and gets over it forming a cross appearance. It is mostly due to heavy pressure and loads over the toe due to which the ligaments get weakened and gets unable to hold the toes in the right position. Which leads the 2nd toe to Crossover the big toe.

Even though it can be seen in all ages of people, mostly it is seen among adults. It also includes other clinical manifestations like a bunion, longer 2nd toe as compared to the big one, improper arc of the foot, and tightening of the calf muscles.

  • Overlapping toe:it is a condition in which one of the toes gets overlapped over the adjacent toe. Most commonly the 5th toe is affected by the following condition. It has been observed that this condition is frequently seen in the case of newborns. And it has been assumed that this condition occurs due to the fetal position during the gestation period inside the womb.

However, this deformity is treatable with the right treatment. Mostly with the stretching and passive taping. Surgical methods are also used in complex cases, where the surgery is done is let the over-stressed ligament free. Sometimes pins-like structures are inserted in the toe to support it and hold it in its right position.

  • Underlapping Toe:in this case, the toe remains underneath its adjacent toe. Seen due to weakening of the flexor and abductor muscle of the feet. Also, be suspected to be an inherited trait. In case of flexible muscle, it can be treated by non-surgical method or minor surgical method. But in case the muscles are fragile, a small portion of bone may have to be removed.

One of its special forms is Clinodactyly or curled toes. In this case, multiple toes are involved.

Problems associated with Overlapping toe

The risk factors for overlapping toes are Rheumatic arthritis, traumas, high arch feet, and genetic traits. In case of flexible muscle, it can be cured easily and doesn’t cause any severe malfunction.

But in the case of stiffened muscles, it may lead to severe complications like:

  • Corn and calluses
  • Bunions
  • Hammer’s toe
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Bursitis or big toe

When to see a Podiatrist

In case of children, it’s better to go for a routine check-up from a good orange county Podiatrist, as with time the foot muscles get tightened and cause more severe complications when the child is all grown up. In adults if you feel anything wrong or any symptoms regarding deformity go for an immediate clinical check-up.

Treatment of Overlapping toe

The treatment involves both surgical and non-surgical methods. As discussed above, in the case of flexible muscles and small kids, non surgical methods are enough to fix the deformity.

The nonsurgical methods include:

  • Stretching tape
  • Soft binding of the muscles to get them straightened.
  • Night splinting.
  • Stretching exercises
  • Orthotics help with the alignment of the toe

However, if the condition is severe, the last way to fix the deformity is through surgical methods.

The surgical methods include:

  • Tendon release
  • Surgical adjustment for better alignment
  • Bunion removal

These processes need proper directions and precise hands. Hence, in case you’re going for a surgical method consult with a good podiatrist Irvine.


If you’re experiencing any discomfort and getting the symptoms of Crossover toe, make sure to get to the Podiatrist before it’s too late.

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