Bariatric Surgery Myths – Discover the Facts

Obesity is one of the major causes of many health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. There are many ways to lose weight but how effective they are in achieving the ideal weight varies from individual to individual. Out of the various ways, Bariatric Surgery Beverly Hills is one of the most preferred treatments for losing weight. It is one such program that has been proven to be effective in severe cases of obesity. It helps in improving one’s health and carving a path toward a quality life.

A health practitioner will assess your overall health before suggesting you opt for Bariatric surgery. They will walk you through the steps that involve this surgery and guide you. It is essential to go through a series of counseling sessions as it involves psychological, social, and emotional adjustments. Many people often tend to have a stigma surrounding them regarding bariatric surgery. It prevents them from living a healthier lifestyle which can be achieved through this program. Through this article, let’s address your concerns and myths surrounding this weight loss procedure.

Bariatric Surgery Myths

Obesity is a serious medical condition that involves a series of health issues and needs to be addressed medically to ensure a healthy life. A surgical weight loss program can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle but most people tend to miss out on the opportunity due to the myths that surround this program. Following are some of the myths and facts about Bariatric surgery in Beverly Hills.

Lack of Exercise and Overeating Causes Obesity

Obesity is a complex medical condition that may be caused by metabolic, genetic, biological, social, behavioral, cultural, and economic factors. However, many people including medical experts still consider it a result of laziness, overeating, and lack of self-determination. Most people switch to dieting to lose weight. But what they do not realize is that when they lose weight only through diet, biological changes take place in the body resulting in slowing down the metabolism and increase in appetite. This is one of the reasons why they tend to gain weight faster after losing some.

Bariatric Surgery is Life-Threatening

Bariatric surgery is the safest in comparison to any other type of surgery. There is very less risk of death resulting from this surgery. Those who are obese and are living with health issues related to the condition are at a higher risk. The advantages of getting bariatric surgery are not just limited to shedding those extra kilos off but might also alleviate your health condition. There is also the possibility of discontinuing those medications due to health conditions related to obesity.

 Bariatric Surgery will enhance your Body Shape

How much bodyweight you will lose after surgery depends on various factors. Factors such as your age, weight, gender, medical condition, gender, and the type of surgery you opted for will determine the end result. It also depends on your daily lifestyle changes and on how much weight you can put off in the long run. On average, bariatric surgery can help you lose almost 30-65 percent of your body weight. The success of the surgery is weighed in terms of lifestyle changes, improved health, mobility, etc., and not in terms of the average weight that is considered ideal or the size of your clothing.

Even after the surgery, your body weight might fall in the overweight category but as compared to where you started, it will be considered a huge success. Major weight loss will take place in the year of surgery. The chances are likely for you to gain some weight in the following years post-surgery. But if you stick to a healthy lifestyle that includes working out regularly and eating healthy then it is possible to maintain your weight.

Bariatric Surgery will Resolve Personal Issues

Shedding off those extra kilos will positively enhance your quality of life. However, as far as your relationships and other personal issues are concerned, it depends on how you perceive life. You might experience stress if your decision is not supported by your near and dear ones. Therefore it is important to involve your family and friends throughout the process as bariatric surgery involves major lifestyle changes. 

Bariatric Surgery will Mitigate Overeating

The benefit of bariatric surgery in Beverly Hills is that it can lessen your cravings for sweet things. But the belief that it will stop you from overeating is a misconception. Those who suffer from eating disorders, bulimia, and binge eating will continue as it is a disorder in itself and needs to be addressed emotionally. Such disorders are assessed so that the individual can overcome them before surgery. You need to pull up your socks and be prepared to cope with healthy ways of eating willingly. Otherwise, the chances of you suffering from anxiety and depression post-surgery are likely. 

Bariatric Surgery Helps Weight Loss Instantly 

Most people think that bariatric surgery is a quick fix program and thus those opting for this procedure are lethargic people looking for an easy way to lose weight. But only those who have been through this program know very well that it is a challenging and time-consuming process. It requires various stages of assessment by physiologists, doctors, psychologists, and dieticians and may take several months to prepare for the surgery. One needs to be mentally and physically ready to cope with the post-surgery instructions. There would be major changes in your lifestyle, eating habits, etc., to continuously maintain a healthy weight thereafter.

Bariatric surgery in Beverly Hills requires you to commit yourself to change your lifestyle. Only then you can look forward to a successful long-term weight loss that will be beneficial for you. It will not only improve your health but will also enhance the quality of your life and your personality. It will motivate you with a positive outlook toward life. So if you have been thinking of bariatric surgery then now is the right time to put your thoughts into action. Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss how you should proceed with this option. 

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