More About Dental Bridges and Why it is Popular

People troubled with missing teeth or on the verge of losing teeth rely on dental bridges. This is because dental bridges support the original function of the missing tooth, and maintain the facial look as well. All you need to do is find your nearby best dentist Rancho Bernardo in Poway.

What are dental bridges?

The dental bridge helps to fix the false teeth securely, hence playing a greater role in maintaining your oral health. The bridge is made of crowns that support the false tooth on both sides and keep the tooth cemented and fixed. People who have lost their teeth because of injury, gum disease or tooth decay are suggested to have the dental bridges to support their false teeth.

However, to avail the full support of dental bridges, you need to customize and get it fixed by skilled dental surgeons. You can fix an appointment with Hekmat dental care unit to enjoy the benefits of dental bridges without experiencing any discomfort. The popular rancho bernardo dentist would assist you in regaining your original teeth functions by fixing dental bridges and artificial teeth successfully.

What are the prime reasons for needing dental bridges implant?

  • Teeth always work together thus missing teeth or couple of them will result in biting your tongue, unable to chew food properly, which leads to indigestion.
  • You feel that your facial appearance has changed and it would be embarrassing to laugh openly as your missing teeth can be seen by others. Only fixing temporary teeth will help in rectifying the appearance issues and for that dental bridges are essential.
  • You may experience oral pain as the remaining teeth and jaw goes through extra pressure while chewing and talking. Gradually, you decline to eat adequately and speak less.

Types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional way of fixing the bridge - It is one of the common methods of doing dental implants. There are two or more crowns to support the artificial tooth or teeth to connect them. These bridges are made of metal or porcelain fused in metal wire. Sometimes ceramic material is also used to make the bridges.
  • Cantilever bridge - It is usually used for fixing a single artificial tooth thus cost less, easy to fix and the whole treatment finishes fast.
  • Resin - bonded dental bridge - It is even known as Maryland dental bridge. This is the best option if you need to fix artificial front teeth. A frame-work of metal wire and crowns made of porcelain fused to metal or ceramic to hold the customized teeth. The wings of the bridge bond support the artificial teeth fully thus the person doesn't feel like missing of their original teeth.
  • Implant supported bridge - It is similar to the traditional way of fixing bridge however it uses implants instead of cementing the bridge's crowns.

The alternatives to dental bridge are partial dentures and dental implants. The partial dentures aren't much preferred as it needs to be removed often for cleaning purposes. The dental implant is a surgical process administered by dental surgeon. It is a great option to fix artificial teeth permanently.

What happens to fix dental bridges successfully?

The dentist will remove the small part of dentin and enamel to make way for setting the crown. The impression of your teeth is examined to prepare the crowns, false teeth and the dental bridge. Firstly, the temporary bridge is fixed to make ways for implanting the permanent bridge after customizing it. Finally, permanent bridge is fixed after few days and adjustments are made to fix it rightly.

The permanent dental bridges help to avoid other teeth to loosen from their place and mainly it helps to chew, speak as before. Moreover, you regain your facial appearance and are able to smile without any self-consciousness. Yes, you can freely restore your gorgeous smile!

There are no complications to fear if you take proper care of your dental bridge. They stay intact for many years if it is implanted by dentist Rancho Bernardo Poway. You can opt for professional cleaning of them every few months to enhance its lifespan. Many feel some discomfort after fixing dental bridge as it is an external thing fixed. However, soon they get accustomed to it and reap the benefits of dental bridge.

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