Natural Ways to Make Your Eyebrows Thicker and Darker

Eyebrows are one of the most crucial parts that have a bold impact on our personality. Besides this, brows help to soak sweat to keep your eyes clean. This is a fact that not everyone is born with perfect eyebrows, and you have to make efforts to maintain the shape of your brows, such as threading, trimming, filling, etc.

Still, using different methods to get thicker and darker eyebrows can affect them negatively. You can grow your eyebrows long and thicker naturally without any side effects, and you may use an eyebrows growth serum to see the best results in no time. If you want to know how naturally you can grow your eyebrows, keep reading this write-up to know more details. Before that, you must know why taking care of your brows can speed up your eyebrow growth.

Advantages of Taking Care of Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows enhance facial features and protect your eyes from wetness, sweat, & excess moisture. Also, brows act as a shield that helps to protect your eyes from excess dust, debris, and rainwater. Shaping brows can be beneficial for your eyebrow growth, and eyebrow shaping helps you get rid of breakage lash strands that allow brow growth.

Make sure to moisturize your eyebrows by applying brow serum or sunscreen lotion, especially outside. Harmful UV rays may affect your brows and make these dull, dry, and gray. Threading is one of the safest and most effective ways to remove unwanted hair, and it assists in plucking all damaged and dry brows strands & helps to grow new hair from eyebrow follicles. Massaging your brows for eyebrow growth can help to stimulate follicles and promote brow growth.

Grow Your Eyebrows With Natural Ingredients

Rosemary Oil

Using rosemary oil for brow growth is recommended by many trichologists. Massaging it on your eyebrows can help to activate brows cuticles and promote eyebrow growth. This essential oil is good for improving brows texture and increasing density simultaneously. You can mix rosemary and coconut oil, apply them to the eyebrows, and wash them in the morning. You can apply this remedy at night for the best results.

Aloe Vera

According to studies, aloe vera boosts hair growth and strengthens your hair strands. Adding aloe vera to your eyebrow care routine can assist you in growing thicker and darker brows texture. Cut aloe vera plants to get the gel, mix it with coconut oil, apply to your eyebrows & leave it overnight. You can use this mixture as an eyebrow growth serum, and regular application can benefit eyebrow growth.


Onion is a rich source of minerals that supports hair growth. Applying onion juice can promote hair growth by providing the required amount of oxygen to the hair follicles. You can use onion juice to get longer and thicker eyebrows. Apply onion juice with honey to the eyebrows and leave it overnight. Regularly using this mixture can improve your brow growth.

Unripe Banana

Green bananas contain lots of vitamins B6 and C that help to boost hair growth. You can apply an unripe banana with honey to your eyebrows area to get a thicker and darker effect. Daily usage of this mixture can provide faster and more effective results. Similarly, you can apply this home remedy to your eyelashes for faster lash growth. If you are looking for products that help to grow your eyebrows and lashes in no time, you can try eyebrow and lash MD serums and conditioners to simplify your eyebrows and lashes growth phase.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is known to activate hair follicles and helps to promote hair growth. So, applying olive oil to your brow cuticles effectively works to get darker and bushy eyebrows. Take a cotton swab and dip it in the olive oil, apply it to the eyebrows and leave it overnight. Using this home remedy can provide nourishment to your brows and can be beneficial to keep your eyebrows long and luscious.

Coconut Oil

This natural oil has a bold impact on a hair care routine. Coconut oil can stimulate hair follicles and lock the moisture into the hair strands. You can apply this oil with a cotton pad to your eyebrows and wash it in the morning. It can help to provide nourishment and protect from dryness.

Castor Oil

Massaging the castor oil to the eyebrow area can increase blood circulation and promote eyebrow growth. Also, castor oil has a great source of vitamin E and fatty acids that provide strength in brow follicles and helps to protect from eyebrow fallout.


If you are looking for eyelash growth serum and lash conditioner, you can try brows and lash MD products for faster and more effective results. On the MD Factor website, you can also get hair & skin care products and health supplements.

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